Atomic Spectroscopy

Avantor Atomic Spectroscopy

Avantor carries a complete selection of spectrometers, other equipment, accessories, and supplies that analysts in your lab need every day to help them identify and quantify materials by examining their atomic structure.

Atomic spectroscopy is an advanced spectroscopic technology that analysts use to determine the composition of sample materials or objects in commercial, government, research, and academic labs. Avantor carries a comprehensive selection of spectrometers and other equipment and materials you’ll need to successfully determine the atomic identity of samples in your laboratory.

UV/Visible Spectrophotometers

Avantor offers many choices of UV-VIS and VIS spectrophotometers for pharmaceutical, biochemical, quality control, and other applications. You can choose the spectrophotometers that offer the features that best meet your needs.


Avantor has colorimeters for many purposes, including water testing and laboratory research, or industrial uses such as food safety or petroleum production. We offer a wide range of kits configured to meet specific applications.

NMR Tubes

Get the NMR tubes you need for your nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy procedures. Avantor carries a wide range of NMR tubes are designed expressly to spin in NMR spectrometers and are available in a variety of lengths and diameters.