Wide opening screw neck vials, 9 mm, Target DP®

Dodavatel: Thermo Fisher Scientific
NSCAC4000-14EA 1530 CZK
NSCAC4000-14 NSCAC4000-1W NSCAC4000-2W NSCAC4000-9 NSCAC4000-11 NSCAC4000-LV1W NSCAC4000-LV2W NSCAC4000-1 NSCAC4000-LV2 NSCAC4000-LV1 NSCAC4000-S1W NSCAC4000-V1 NSCAC4000-S1 NSCAC4000-S2W
Wide opening screw neck vials, 9 mm, Target DP®
These vials are made from superior quality 33 expansion borosilicate clear (Type 1, Class A) glass, and meet all US, EU and JPN Pharmacopia standards.

  • Maximum sample extraction without need for separate inserts by using micro sampling and high recovery vials
  • Obtain maximum recovery of critical polar, labile or OH-interacting compounds using silanised (deactivated) glass
  • Identify sample and volume with graduated, write-on patch

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