HPLC columns, NUCLEODUR® Sphinx RP

MANA760803.46EA 19950 CZK
MANA760803.46 MANA760806.40 MANA761922.20 MANA760822.30 MANA760823.46 MANA762372.100 MANA760822.40 MANA762375.210 MANA760824.20 MANA760823.30 MANA760822.20 MANA760805.20 MANA760809.30 MANA760809.46 MANA760813.46 MANA760806.30 MANA762373.210 MANA760812.40 MANA760823.20 MANA760807.30 MANA761920.20 MANA760822.46 MANA760812.30 MANA760803.40 MANA760807.20 MANA761921.20 MANA760807.40 MANA760800.30 MANA760802.46 MANA760801.46 MANA760821.30 MANA762375.100 MANA760807.46 MANA761922.30 MANA760802.40 MANA761921.30 MANA761920.30 MANA760821.20 MANA760808.46 MANA760821.46 MANA760801.40 MANA761550.40 MANA760805.40 MANA760800.20 MANA760808.20 MANA760800.46 MANA761550.30 MANA760809.40 MANA760802.30 MANA760805.30 MANA762390.160 MANA762373.100 MANA760812.46 MANA760801.30 MANA760802.20 MANA760812.20 MANA760803.20 MANA760800.40 MANA760806.46 MANA760823.40 MANA760809.20 MANA760803.30 MANA760808.40 MANA760825.20 MANA760821.40 MANA760806.20 MANA762390.80 MANA760805.46 MANA760808.30 MANA760801.20 MANA760815.46
HPLC columns, NUCLEODUR® Sphinx RP
Kolony chromatografické
NUCLEODUR® Sphinx RP is a bifunctional RP phase with a balanced ratio of propylphenyl and C18 ligands, using in HPLC.

  • High purity spherical silica gel
  • Hydrophobic, polar RP phase with selectivity for aromatic compounds
  • Separation mechanism based on hydrophobic and additional π-π interactions

With its distinct selectivity based on well-balanced bifunctional surface coverage Sphinx RP is well-suited for the separations of quinolone antibiotics, sulfonamides, xanthines, and substituted aromatics. Due to low bleeding characteristics it is suitable for LC-MS.

EC guard columns are used for analytical EC columns with the Column Protection System guard column holder (554-5851).

VP guard columns are used for preparative VarioPrep columns with the following guard column holders:
8,0×10 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for 8,0 and 10,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718251.
16,0×10 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for 16,0 and 21,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718256.
32,0×15 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for 32,0 and 40,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718253.
50,0×15 mm (Int.Ø×L) guard column for ≥50,0 mm (Int.Ø) preparative column with holder MANA718255.

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