Polyethylene glycol/oxide standards

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VARIPL2070-9005EA 19120 CZK
VARIPL2070-9005 VARIPL2083-2001 VARIPL2083-3010 VARIPL2070-9001 VARIPL2070-6010 VARIPL2070-5001 VARIPL2070-2010 VARIPL2083-6001 VARIPL2070-1001 VARIPL2070-5005 VARIPL2083-6005 VARIPL2070-1005 VARIPL2083-2005 VARIPL2071-1010 VARIPL2071-0005 VARIPL2071-0001 VARIPL2084-1001 VARIPL2084-2010 VARIPL2070-6005 VARIPL2083-3001 VARIPL2070-7010 VARIPL2070-2001 VARIPL2070-3010 VARIPL2070-6001 VARIPL2070-2005 VARIPL2083-7001 VARIPL2083-3005 VARIPL2071-1001 VARIPL2084-2005 VARIPL2084-2001 VARIPL2071-1005 VARIPL2070-4010 VARIPL2083-1010 VARIPL2070-7005 VARIPL2070-3001 VARIPL2070-7001 VARIPL2083-5010 VARIPL2070-3005 VARIPL2083-4001 VARIPL2083-4005 VARIPL2071-2001 VARIPL2083-8001 VARIPL2070-8010 VARIPL2083-1001 VARIPL2070-8005 VARIPL2070-5010 VARIPL2070-1010 VARIPL2070-8001 VARIPL2083-2010 VARIPL2070-4001 VARIPL2083-5001 VARIPL2070-4005 VARIPL2071-0010 VARIPL2071-3001 VARIPL2083-9001 VARIPL2070-9010 VARIPL2084-0001 VARIPL2071-3005
Polyethylene glycol/oxide standards
Standardy Standardy pro chromatografii
These hydrophilic polymers are suitable for both aqueous SEC and organic GPC using the majority of polar organic solvents. The two types are chemically similar that can be used together across a wider molecular weight range with aqueous and organic polymers.

  • Simple to use kit that combines glycols and oxides to extend the MW range and cover more applications
  • Polyethylene oxide covers the high molecular weights and polyethylene glycol covers the lower molecular weight range
  • MW's selected to provide equidistant calibration points for greater accuracy

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