HPLC columns, Syncronis™ C18

Dodavatel: Thermo Fisher Scientific
HYPE97102-052130EA 32140 CZK
HYPE97102-052130 HYPE97105-153030 HYPE97102-054630 555-0206 HYPE97105-014001 HYPE97105-254630 HYPE97103-154630 HYPE97105-252130 HYPE97105-012101 HYPE97105-254030 HYPE97103-103030 HYPE97103-053030 HYPE97102-032130 HYPE97105-154030 HYPE97105-152130 HYPE97105-102130 HYPE97105-154630 HYPE97103-152130 HYPE97103-104630 HYPE97105-104630 HYPE97105-253030 HYPE97103-102130 HYPE97102-102130 HYPE97105-054630 HYPE97105-052130
HPLC columns, Syncronis™ C18
Kolony chromatografické
Achieve repeatable and consistent liquid chromatography (LC) separations using Thermo Scientific™ Syncronis™ C18 columns.

  • Highly reproducible separations
  • Excellent peak shapes for enhanced resolution and sensitivity
  • Dense surface coverage of silica minimizes secondary interactions and peak tailing
  • Double endcapped for extra surface coverage
  • Exceptional column-to-column consistency
  • Manufactured, packed, and tested in ISO-9000-accredited facilities
  • Enhanced automated packing process

Highly pure, high surface area silica and dense stationary phase coverage minimize secondary interactions and ensure robust, high-resolution separations. Double end-capping provides extra surface coverage and inertness toward basic compounds. Manufactured and rigorously tested in ISO 9000 facilities, these columns are designed to meet a range of analytical needs including fast method development, quantitative analysis, and quality control.

Available in three particle sizes - 1,7 μm for rapid ultrahigh-performance LC (UHPLC) separations, and 3 and 5 μm for more traditional HPLC analysis. Rigorously tested stationary phase bonded to the highest quality silica ensures consistent, predictable LC performance. Every column individually tested to meet stringent retention, efficiency, and peak symmetry specifications.

pH range: 2 - 9

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