Multi-channel pipettes, electronic, variable volume, Acura® electro 956

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Acura® Acura® electro 956
SOCO956.12.010EA 27550 CZK
SOCO956.12.010 SOCO956.12.350 SOCO956.12.050 SOCO956.08.200E SOCO956.08.200G SOCO956.08.010E SOCO956.12.350G SOCO956.12.010G SOCO956.08.350E SOCO956.08.350G SOCO956.08.010G SOCO956.12.350E SOCO956.12.050E SOCO956.12.050G SOCO956.08.050E SOCO956.08.050G SOCO956.08.200 SOCO956.08.010 SOCO956.08.350 SOCO956.12.200G SOCO956.12.200E SOCO956.12.200 SOCO956.12.010E SOCO956.08.050
Multi-channel pipettes, electronic, variable volume, Acura® electro 956
Pipety Micropipettes
These pipettes include a microprocessor-controlled motor, an intuitive software and a rechargeable battery pack. Eight models with 8 and 12 channels cover the volume range 0,5 to 350 µl.

  • Lightweight and perfect hand fitting
  • Sequential tip ejection
  • Shaft height adjustment system called Justip™ (4 mm span) - controlled by efficient click-stops - allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle
  • Bowed shape ejector head permits effortless, sequential tip ejection
  • 360° rotation of multichannel volumetric modules allows selection of the best working position
  • Pipetting cycle counter: simple double click gives access to the number of pipetting cycles performed since last zeroing

Informace o dodávce: Pipettes (alone) without plug are supplied with battery pack, QC certificate, operating instructions and samples of Qualitips®.
Pipettes with plug (inital packages) are supplied with individual QC certificate and operating instructions, pipette charging stand, fast charger with AC adapter and cord, additional battery pack, Qualitips pipette tip samples.

Upozornení: The pipette alone is supplied with battery pack but without charger, which is required for operation. It is therefore recommended to purchase an inital package at first. Additional pipettes without charger can be purchased afterwards and charged on the existing stand.

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