Capillary columns, CP-Chirasil-Dex CB

Dodavatel: Agilent Technologies
VARICP7502EA 34680 CZK
Capillary columns, CP-Chirasil-Dex CB
Kolony chromatografické
The CP-Chirasil-Dex CB phase consists of cyclodextrin directly bonded to dimethylpolysiloxane. This bond prevents the cyclodextrin from migrating to different locations in the surface film, delivering homogeneous enantioselectivity throughout the phase.

  • High resolution across a broad application range
  • Chemically-bonded phase for excellent longevity
  • No need for derivatisation improves productivity
  • Guarantees stability of enantioselectivity

CP-Chirasil-Dex CB permits low elution temperatures of polar compounds and is suitable for all injection techniques.

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