Yeast Protein Extraction Buffer Kit

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Yeast Protein Extraction Buffer Kit
Pufry Pufry extrakční
Yeast protein extraction buffer kit is a mild detergent-based cell lysis method developed for total extraction of soluble proteins from yeast cells. This kit eliminates the need for glass beads, a common method of mechanical lysis for yeast cells, and is a proprietary improvement on the Zymolyase®-based method for spheroplast preparation and extraction of soluble proteins from yeast cells.

After cell lysis, yeast protein extraction buffer is added to the yeast pellets, referred to as spheroplasts, to extract biologically active proteins. The kit is compatible with any downstream application including enzymes assays, chromatography procedures, and gel electrophoresis applications, and is suitable for preparation of approximately 10 ml yeast cell pellets suspension as single or as multiple smaller preps.

Informace pro objednávání: 100 ml yeast protein extraction buffer; 15 ml yeast suspension buffer; 2×0,5 ml longlife Zymolyase® (1500 U/ml).

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