Precast gels, PhastGel® Homogeneous

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Precast gels, PhastGel® Homogeneous
PhastGel® Homogeneous are polyacrylamide gels with better protein separation for SDS PAGE.

  • Select from homogeneous and gradient PhastGel® SDS PAGE gels
  • Separate proteins and peptides on denaturing, native, and isoelectric focusing (IEF) gels
  • Save time and improve reproducibility with precast gels, buffer strips, and staining kits
  • Achieve detection sensitivity comparable to that of radioisotopes with ready-to-use silver staining kits

Homogeneous SDS PAGE gels offer better separation of proteins in a narrow molecular weight range. Unlike gradient gels, proteins separated in homogeneous gels do not reach a 'pore limit' that would significantly slow (or almost stop) their migration. This can be exploited to optimise separation of proteins in a narrow molecular weight range from a complex sample.

PhastGel® Homogeneous media are available in three concentrations of polyacrylamide as indicated by their names: PhastGel® Homogeneous 7.5, 12.5, and 20 and PhastGel® High Density. The gels have a 13 mm stacking gel zone and a 32 mm separation gel zone.

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