illustra™ NICK™ columns

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illustra™ NICK™ columns
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
NICK™ columns were originally designed for purification of nick-translated DNA fragments but are also suitable for separation of any labelled probe from unincorporated labelled nucleotides.

  • For rapid purification of labeled DNA (20 bases in length) from unincorporated radiolabeled nucleotides using gravity-flow chromatography
  • Prepacked with Sephadex™ G-50 DNA Grade in distilled water with 0,15% Kathon CG/ICP Biocide
  • Can accommodate sample volumes up to 100 μl

They are ready for immediate use, and operate by gravity flow. Tests show that at least 97% of radioactivity applied in a nick-translated mixture elutes in two well-separated peaks, corresponding to labeled DNA and unincorporated nucleotides, respectively. At least 90% of the applied DNA is recovered.

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