Columns, SOURCE™ 15S PE

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Columns, SOURCE™ 15S PE
Kolony chromatografické
Source 15S 4.6/100 PE is a strong cation exchanger prepacked in a Tricorn column for intermediate lab-scale purification and large-scale polishing of biomolecules with ion exchange chromatography.

  • SOURCE 15S resins are an excellent choice for fast, high-resolution purifications and easy scale-up
  • Rigid, monodispersed, spherical particles with controlled pore-size distribution offer excellent flow characteristics, sample loading of up to 25 mg of protein/mL, and improved stability in organic solvents and pH extremes
  • Improved capacity compared to MonoBeads but with a slightly lower resolution

The small (15 µm) monodisperse bead give high-resolution purification at high flow rates. In addition, hydrophilization of the beads minimizes nonspecific adsorption and allows high recovery of purified sample. The material of the column body is PEEK (polyetheretherketone).

SOURCE 30Q and 30S resins with a 30 µm bead size are designed for intermediate purification and large-scale polishing and allow higher flow rates.

Informace o dodávce: Includes Valco fittings for ÄKTAdesign systems and are supplied with M6 connectors for FPLC System.

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