NHS HP SpinTrap™ Kit

Dodavatel: Cytiva
28-9031-28EA 5370 CZK
NHS HP SpinTrap™ Kit
NHS HP SpinTrap™ includes empty SpinTrap™ columns and NHS-activated Sepharose™ HP medium in bulk to allow for batch coupling. Proteins of interest are captured and enriched via an antibody or other molecule (e.g, protein) with desired affinity coupled to the medium through the primary amine.

  • Simple, small scale enrichment of target proteins using pull-down technique
  • Antibody or capturing molecule covalently immobilised via free NH₂ groups
  • Simple coupling, carried out near neutral pH
  • Fast and flexible protocol for the capture step, with elution conditions formatted for both electrophoresis and LC-MS analysis workflows
  • Easy scale-up to HiTrap™ NHS-activated HP columns

Medium is delivered in 100% isopropanol to protect the active groups. Columns are used with a standard microcentrifuge.

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