Precast gels, CleanGel IEF

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Precast gels, CleanGel IEF
Gely elektroforetické Gely prefabrikované
CleanGel IEF is a dried polyacrylamide gel optimised for analytical isoelectric focusing (IEF). The gel is excellent for separating enzymes with preserved activity.

The gel is cast on a polyester support film and carefully washed to remove catalysts and nonpolymerized substances and then dried. Prior to isoelectric focusing, the dried gel is rehydrated in a solution containing Pharmalyte™ carrier ampholytes. Additives such as urea and/or detergents can also be added at this stage. CleanGel IEF is rehydrated in a flat tray (GelPool) to a thickness of 0,43 mm.

Introducing carrier ampholytes and additives into the gel after the polymerisation eliminates the risk of copolymerising chemicals in the gel matrix. Thus, CleanGel IEF gels give low electroendosmosis, resulting in sharp bands and minimum pH gradient drift. Even additives that are sensitive to polymerisation reactions, or that inhibit the polymerisation can be used.

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