Water-free mounting medium, Neo-Mount®

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Water-free mounting medium, Neo-Mount®
Barviva Microscopy and staining reagents
Water-free mounting media, such as Neo-Mount®, should be used for permanent mounting and long-term storage of samples. Slides processed in pathologyl laboratories need to be stored up to 10 years, whereby the staining results need to be stable and fading-out is not acceptable. Neo-Mount®, anhydrous mounting medium for microscopy is an extremely colour-stable mounting medium for microscopy, which is produced with solvents based on mixtures of aliphatic hydrocarbons. It contains an aromatic-free substitute for xylene, thus, Neo-Mount® needs to be combined with Neo-Clear® exclusively. Xylene must be avoided in the mounting step, as it will cause the slides to become cloudy and streaked. In addition, by placing the dehydrated slides on filter paper for approx. 1 minute prior to mounting, any excess Neo-Clear® should be circumvented, as air bubbles might arise under the cover slip. The same pre-condition should also be met when mounting specimens using cover slip machines; in this area, Neo-Clear® can be most efficiently eliminated by incubating the slides for 1 minute in an empty slide rack.

  • Less hazardous formulation than aromatic solvent-based media
  • Developed and produced along regulatory requirements (DIN ISO standards)
  • Suitable for all conventional stainings
  • Can be used manually and/or in automated systems
  • Refractive index (20 °C) 1,417 - 1,465; viscosity (20 °C) 250 to 350 mPas; fluorescence <250 ppb

Preparative capacity (500 ml): 2500 slides.

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