Packaging and storage boxes, PS

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SEMA1987EA 5490 CZK
SEMA1987 216-3131 216-3147 216-3148 SEMA1984 216-3157 SEMA1722 216-3145 SEMA4567 216-3133 SEMA1729 SEMA4566 SEMA3387 SEMA1943 215-0270 SEMA2964 SEMA1738 SEMA4677 SEMA1714 SEMA4560 SEMA1717 SEMA1986 SEMA3386
Packaging and storage boxes, PS
Krabice Boxy skladovací
These boxes made of polystyrene (PS) are crystal clear with a good closing tight fitting lid.

  • Clear for easy product identification
  • The lids are either mounted or not mounted
  • Stackable

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