Indoor/outdoor labelling tapes for BBP3x printers

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BRDY142010EA 3790 CZK
BRDY142010 BRDY142026 BRDY141998 BRDY142014 BRDY142009 817-0337 BRDY142029 BRDY142005 BRDY142013 BRDY142008 BRDY142001 BRDY142025 BRDY141996 817-0335 BRDY142035 BRDY142031 817-0342 BRDY142033 817-0339 BRDY141992 BRDY142024 BRDY146043 817-0341 BRDY141988 817-0333 817-0345 BRDY141989 BRDY142036 BRDY142006 BRDY141997 BRDY142004 BRDY142016 BRDY142030 BRDY142002 BRDY142022 BRDY142012 817-0344 BRDY141990 BRDY142028 817-0336 817-0343 817-0334 BRDY142034 BRDY142000 BRDY141993 BRDY142017 BRDY141994 BRDY142020 BRDY142018 817-0338 BRDY142021
Indoor/outdoor labelling tapes for BBP3x printers
Durable, low-shrink vinyl with our most aggressive adhesive. Conforms to irregular, curved, rough and highly textured surfaces (painted cinder blocks, uneven wood, textured plastics, paper-jacketed pipes, powder-coated surfaces). Adheres to 'difficult' low-surface energy items (PVC piping, blow-molded equipment cases, ABS plastics, recycled plastics).

Length: 30,0 m

Different colours available.

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