Hybridisation oven, HM-4000 Multidizer

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Hybridisation oven, HM-4000 Multidizer
Sušárny Pece hybridizační
The ultimate oven for multiple motion options, the Multidizer oven comes with both a rotary wheel (in the lower chamber) and a reciprocating shaker tray (in the upper chamber). It also offers a rocker tray and/or orbital motion tray as options. These are to accommodate different containers and usages. The lower chamber of the unit is the same as for the HB-1000 and operates independently of the top chamber.

  • Accurate temperature and rotation speed controls
  • Dynamic mixing capability is ideal for cDNA library screenings, primer synthesis and nucleic acid hybridisation
  • Stainless steel interior is easy to clean

Lower chamber- heating element: 1250 W
Lower chamber- temperature range: Ambient +10...99.9 °C
Lower chamber- variable speed: 10 - 15 min⁻¹

Upper chamber - carousel: 12 - 20 min⁻¹
Upper chamber - heating element: 500 W
Upper chamber - orbital tray, motorised: 1 - 30 min⁻¹
Upper chamber - shaker tray speed (cycles/min): 54 - 106
Upper chamber - temperature range: Ambient +10...80 °C

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