Tubes and systems for active sampling

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DRAE6400744EA 19740 CZK
DRAE6400744 DRAE6400745 151-3146 151-3145 DRAE6400741 DRAE8101271 DRAE6728891 DRAE6400743 DRAE6400131 DRAE6400746 DRAE6400271 DRAE6728831 DRAE8101861 DRAE6728851 DRAE6728919 DRAE8101821
Tubes and systems for active sampling
Trubičky pro disperzi plynu
Sampling activated tubes for direct measurement indication even with complex compounds and mixtures of substances in air investigations and gas analyses.

  • High precision guaranteed
  • Very reliable in use
  • Improved colour depth and contrast using an optimised production method

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