Amersham™ Protran® Western Blotting Membranes, Nitrocellulose

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Amersham™ Protran®
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Amersham™ Protran® Western Blotting Membranes, Nitrocellulose
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Amersham™ Protran® membranes are manufactured from 100% pure nitrocellulose to ensure the highest binding capacity possible. They are compatible with a variety of detection methods, including isotopic, chemiluminescent, colorimetric and fluorescent. No methanol pre-wetting step is required, making this the membrane of choice for proteins which prefer aqueous environments. Prior to transfer the membrane is simply wetted with water, and then placed in the transfer buffer. No other pretreatment steps are necessary.

  • Proprietary nitrocellulose formula gives a long shelf life of bound proteins
  • High binding capacity
  • Low background and excellent signal-to-noise ratios
  • Compatible with a variety of labelling and detection systems
  • Available in popular pre-cut sizes

Amersham™ Protran® offers excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background, especially when used with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Prime, or Amersham ECL Select Western Blotting Systems.

Available in a choice of pore sizes: Protran® 0.1 NC (pore size 0,1 µm), Protran® 0.2 NC (pore size 0,2 µm), or Protran® 0.45 NC (pore size 0,45 µm).

The versatile Protran® 0.1 NC membrane (binding capacity 231 to 248 µg IgG/cm²) provides excellent binding affinity for small proteins and peptides, as well as nucleic acids.

Protran® 0.2 NC (binding capacity 150 to 176 µg IgG/cm²) binds small proteins (<Mr 20 000).

Protran® 0.45 NC (binding capacity 162 to 180 µg IgG/cm²) is suitable for proteins of a wide range of molecular weights.

For convenience, Western blotting sandwiches (10 sandwiches/package) are also available. Each sandwich consists of pre-cut Amersham™ Protran® NC membranes pre-assembled with 2×3 mm Chr filter papers.

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