VWR® HistoChoice®, Tissue fixative with alcohol

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VWR® HistoChoice®
H112-30MLEA 231 CZK
VWR® HistoChoice®, Tissue fixative with alcohol
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HistoChoice® tssue fixative in pre-filled cups is a safe, convenient solution, to on-site tissue collection and transport. The wide mouth, pre-labelled cups are designed for use in doctors' offices, operating rooms, emergency rooms and outpatient clinics. HistoChoice® tissue fixative directly replaces common fixatives, including formalin-based, alcohol-based, Zenker's, B5, and Bouin's fixatives. Additionally, it can also be used in sequence with other fixatives. The preservative characteristics make it more effective than standard formaldehyde-based products. It yields vibrant staining characteristics and consistent results, even after long-term fixation. It preserves tissue integrity, eliminating the need for marker recovery procedures.

  • No reagent for recovery procedures as in formalin-based fixatives
  • Eliminates the need for ventilation systems and reduces disposal needs
  • Compatible with manual and automated processing procedures and equipment

This tissue fixative is suitable for use in histopathology, cytology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology.

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