Microincinerators, e-Loop

Dodavatel: BIOTOOL AG
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Microincinerators, e-Loop
Sterilizátory Sterilizátory bakteriologických kliček
Electrical sterilisation systems which are suitable for sterilising loops, needles and instruments. Ideal for use in laboratories where using gases or naked flames is not permitted. The e-Loop has a wear resistant quartz glass tube which is protected by a perforated stainless steel outer design. Choice of two units with different tube diameters, the larger is ideal for sterilising small instruments such as forceps and scissors. The heating system provides uniform heat. The opening eliminates the potential aerosol of pathogenic microorganisms.

  • Loops and needles sterilised in 5 to 7 s
  • Integral spray protector prevents hazardous gases, flames and infectious splatter harming user
  • Sterilisation tube has self-locking angular adjustment, there are seven different positions
  • Tray for three instruments
  • Residual heat warning to prevent burns

Informace pro objednávání: Optional accessories include a holder specifically for BioTool inoculation loop holders, a stainless steel tray which is positioned on the left hand side of the steriliser and stainless steel inoculation loop holders for loops with wire Ø 0,6 to 1 mm.

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