Antibody labelling kits, Mix-n-Stain™

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Antibody labelling kits, Mix-n-Stain™
Systémy pro spojování a značení proteinů
Mix-n-Stain™ antibody labelling kits dramatically simplify the process of labelling primary antibodies with fluorescent dyes or biotin. Simply mix your antibody with the buffer and premeasured aliquot of CF™ dye provided in the kit, a step that takes less than 30 seconds of hands-on time. After a 30 minute incubation, your fluorescent antibody conjugate is ready to use, with no purification step. There is no need to calculate how much dye you should use; just select the approptriate kit size based on the µg amount of antibody you wish to label for optimal results. Moreover, the labelling reaction can tolerate the presence of common stabilisers such as sodium azide and low levels of Tris, glycerol, BSA or gelatin. An ultrafiltration column provided in the kit can be used to remove Tris, glycine, or glycerol if the concentration in your antibody solution exceeds the limits specified in the labelling protocol.

Mix-n-Stain™ antibody labeling kits feature CF™ dyes, which offer advantages in brighness and/or photostability compared to other similar commercial dyes. A large selection of CF™ dye colours spanning the visible and near-infrared spectra offers flexibility for labelling primary antibodies with dye colours that are optimal for your instrument detection settings for multi-colour detection.

CF™ dye technologies are covered by pending US and international patents. Mix-n-Stain™ and CF™ are trademarks of biotium, Inc.

Informace o dodávce: One labelling reaction per kit. Kits are sized according to amount of antibody to be labeled (50 - 100 µg, 20 - 50 µg, or 5 - 20 µg antibody per labelling).

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