Western blots, pre-made, human single tissue single species

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Western blots, pre-made, human single tissue single species
Činidla pro elektroforézu Western Blotting Reagents
Ready-to-screen, human, single tissue blots, from both normal and tumour tissues. G-Biosciences pre-made blots are prepared with the appropriate GenLysate™ and 50 μg protein is loaded onto a 4 to 20% denaturing polyacrylamide gel, along with a prestained molecular weight marker. After the proteins are resolved, they are transferred to a PVDF membrane, using our Western transfer buffer.

G-Biosciences pre-made blots are ready to be blocked and probed with the antibodies of choice. Note: We recommend that customers contact our technical department for the latest information on the blots as G-Biosciences reserves the right to change the blot profile due to the availability of GenLysate™.

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