Protease Estimation Assay Kit, ProteSEEKER™

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786-325EA 27000 CZK
Protease Estimation Assay Kit, ProteSEEKER™
Test Enzymatická stanovení
ProteSEEKER™ identifies specific types of proteases with a panel of twelve protease inhibitors and a sensitive colorimetric protease screening assay. ProteSEEKER™ allows researchers to screen their protein samples and establish which specific class of proteases are present and therefore design a highly specific protease inhibitor cocktail using the minimal number of protease inhibitors. Alternatively, ProteSEEKER™ can be used to test existing protease inhibitor cocktails and identify their inadequacies and therefore supplement in additional protease inhibitors.

ProteSEEKER™ protease screening assay consists of a ready-to-use dye-labeled protein, which is digested by proteases to release dye-labeled peptides. The absorbance of which is measured for determination of protease activity. The inhibitors are supplied at a 100X concentration and the 1X concentration provides >90% inhibition in most biological samples.

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