Peqlab PerfectBlot, Hybridisation Oven

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Peqlab PerfectBlot
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Peqlab PerfectBlot, Hybridisation Oven
Sušárny Pece hybridizační
A flexible and cost effective platform for any laboratory, the PerfectBlot can accommodate multiple 150 mm or 300 mm bottles at temperatures up to 80 °C. The PerfectBlot hybridisation oven has a stainless steel interior, it is ideally suited for incubation and washing steps during nucleic acid hybridisation experiments such as Northern-, Southern-, Dot or Slot Blots. Additional accessories facilitate the use of PerfectBlot as a rocker device for oversized culture bottles.

  • Precise microprocessor-controlled temperature control for successful and reproducible results
  • Temperature range up to 80 °C
  • Variable rotation speed between 4 and 20 rpm
  • Simple and convenient handling
  • Neat LED display
  • 2 systems can be stacked on top of each other

Informace pro objednávání: Supplied without accessories. A range of accessories aloows the use of different bottle sizes and experimental setups: Special rotisseries for 50 ml disposable tubes in vertical position, rocking platform for gel and blot staining, antibody incubation, wash and blocking steps in Western Blot experiments. Hybridisation bottles are available in various sizes.

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