Filter tips, peqGOLD SafeGuard™

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Filter tips, peqGOLD SafeGuard™
Špičky pipetovací
SafeGuard™ filter tips use a micropore technology which actively prevents aerosols reaching and contaminating the pipette. The filter itself is manufactured from PE, which has extremely hydrophobic properties and therefore does not require additional chemicals used in some filter tips which carry the risk of sample contamination. Furthermore, micropore materials allow for full sample recovery in the event of over pipetting.

  • Certified free of RNases, DNases, human DNA, pyrogens and PCR inhibitors
  • Filter reliably prevents the exchange of aerosols between the pipette and pipette tip
  • Hydrophobic and chemically inert filter stays permeable to air even in the event of 'over pipetting'
  • Composition of filter material allows for a total recovery of sample material
  • Tips are supplied sealed and sterilised by γ-irradiation; tips can also be autoclaved once the seal is broken
  • Firm fixation but easy removal on the widest range of pipettes

The tips are recommended for use with all types of molecular biology applications which benefit from added security against aerosol and pipette contamination. This is especially pertinent in DNA and RNA purification applications, PCR and RT-PCR, diagnostic applications and with hazardous substances including radiation.

Upozornení: * Not suitable for use with Eppendorf 2,5 μl pipettes; all other tips fit universally.

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