Supelco® Ascentis® Express HILIC HPLC and UHPLC Columns

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53964-UEA 13950 CZK
53964-U 50257-U 50278-U 50264-U 51409-U 53523-U 50260-U 50262-U 51403-U 51428-U 51424-U 53938-U 53934-U 53521-U 53974-U 50269-U 53981-U 50255-U 50297-U 50276-U 51419-U 50270-U 50295-U 51430-U 53969-U 53946-U 53967-U 50256-U 50258-U 50286-U 53972-U 50265-U 53970-U 50288-U 51408-U 50261-U 50284-U 51429-U 51406-U 51404-U 51421-U 53939-U 53979-U 53977-U 50289-U 50268-U 53520-U 53933-U 53975-U 50298-U 50294-U 51433-U 51418-U
Supelco® Ascentis® Express HILIC HPLC and UHPLC Columns
Kolony chromatografické
Ascentis® Express HILIC high-speed, high-performance liquid chromatography columns are based on Fused-Core® particle design. The Fused-core particle provides a thin porous shell of high-purity silica surrounding a solid silica core.

This particle design exhibits very high column efficiency due to the shorter diffusion paths in the 0,6 µm thick porous shell around.

The bare silica stationary phase of Ascentis Express HILIC provides a column that can be used for traditional normal phase separations using non-polar, totally organic mobile phases or for aqueous normal phase chromatography with the typical reversed-phase mobile phases for hydrophilic interactive liquid chromatography (HILIC) of basic, acidic or neutral compounds.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with column test certificate inside the box.

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