Culture tubes, disposable, silanised

Dodavatel: Thermo Fisher Scientific
EPSCCTS-13100EA 25160 CZK
EPSCCTS-13100 EPSCSTT-13100-S EPSCSTT-16125-S EPSCSTT-16100-S EPSCCTS-1275 EPSCCTS-16125-2 EPSCCTS-16100
Culture tubes, disposable, silanised
Zkumavky Zkumavky kultivační
Type 1 borosilicate glass, clear, with or without screw thread

  • Saves time and minimise the waste costs when performing quantitative analysis or storing materials
  • Avoid alkalinisation of contents which may occur as carbonates leach from the glass with normal weathering

These tubes are convenient and ready-to-use clean packs which are pre-processed with a silanised surface deactivation treatment which plays an important role in preserving the integrity of certain materials or extracts stored in glass containers.

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