Incubating orbital shakers, MaxQ™ HP

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Incubating orbital shakers, MaxQ™ HP
Třepačky Třepačky inkubované
Max Q™ HP combines incubated or refrigerated temperature with an orbital shaker.

  • Triple counter-balanced mechanism
  • Microprocessor functions are calibrated through keypad
  • Clear acrylic lid withstands years of use without cracking or discoloration
  • Audible over and under-temperature alarms ensure sample protection
  • Innovative design ensures system protection in case of spills

Features a double walled insulated chamber which ensures temperature uniformity of ±0,3 °C. The spacious stainless steel chamber allows stacking of a 457×457 mm platform to hold six 2 L flasks. It is ideal for use in bacterial suspensions, solubility studies, extraction procedures, staining and destaining, hybridisations, diagnostic tests, washing procedures and protein expression.

Informace pro objednávání: Supplied without platform or clamps which must be ordered separately.

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