BAT Broth and BAT Agar

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BAT Broth and BAT Agar
Média mikrobiologická Připravená mikrobiologická média Média připravená v láhvích
Selective media for detection of guaiacol forming Alicyclobacilli for assessing the risk potential of off-flavour forming. For the quantitative and qualitative detection and identification of Alicyclobacilli and Guaiacol-forming Alicyclobacilli that cause off-flavours.
Consisting of ready-to-use BAT Culture Media and the enzymatic Guaiacol Detection Kit, the comprehensive solution allows Guaiacol-producing Alicyclobacilli to be detected quickly and reliably. This simple detection complies with IFU (International Fruit Juice Union) Method No.12 'Method on Detection of taint producing Alicyclobacillus in Fruit Juices'. BAT Culture Media and the Guaiacol Detection Kit are suitable for beverages containing juice with a pH of less than 4,5, such as:
• hot and cold filled fruit juices,
• fruit juice concentrates,
• compounds and
• sugar

  • BAT Broth is a ready-to-use selective liquid medium for pre-enrichment for fast trace detection: Direct use as ready-to-use liquid medium and use for sample enrichment, specifically also for cloudy samples and beverage raw materials
  • BAT Agar is a ready-to-use selective agar for isolation of Alicyclobacilli: Reduced preparation time thanks to direct liquefaction in the bottle and use for membrane filtration, swab and pour plate procedures

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