Filter discs, biplane, series 16, porosity 0, VitraPOR®

Dodavatel: ROBU®
ROBU61500EA 5020 CZK
ROBU61500 ROBU61300 ROBU61700 ROBU62000 ROBU16400 ROBU62900 ROBU16300 ROBU16700 ROBU63800 ROBU16250 ROBU61600 ROBU61800 ROBU16900 ROBU62200 ROBU16800 ROBU61400 ROBU62700 ROBU16200 ROBU16500 ROBU62400 ROBU16120 ROBU16100 ROBU16110 ROBU62300 ROBU63000 ROBU63500 ROBU16600 ROBU61900 ROBU62100 ROBU62600 ROBU62500 ROBU62800
Filter discs, biplane, series 16, porosity 0, VitraPOR®
Filtry Disky filtrační
The unique porous structure of VitraPOR® sintered glass filters makes it flexible and versatile for many applications.

  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Very good temperature resistance

Made of borosilicate glass. The faces of filter discs from the series 16 are precisely ground down to tight tolerances and plane surfaces as may be required in specific installation circumstances.

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