HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® Equivalence™ C18

Dodavatel: Avantor®
EQV-5C18-2504EA 9440 CZK
EQV-5C18-2504 EQV-5C18-0304 EQV-5C18-0303 EQV-3C18-0246 EQV-5C18-1546 EQV-3C18-7504 EQV-5C18-2004 EQV-3C18-0504 EQV-5C18-1246 EQV-3C18-0503 EQV-5C18-0204 EQV-5C18-0202 EQV-5C18-7504 EQV-3C18-1503 EQV-3C18-1504 EQV-5C18-1004 EQV-5C18-1503 EQV-5C18-0503 EQV-5C18-1002 EQV-5C18-0246 EQV-5C18-7503 EQV-3C18-1546 EQV-5C18-GD2 EQV-5C18-1504 EQV-5C18-7546 EQV-3C18-1003 EQV-5C18-1502 EQV-5C18-2003 EQV-3C18-0303 EQV-3C18-1002 EQV-5C18-0504 EQV-5C18-1003 EQV-5C18-1046 EQV-5C18-2502 EQV-5C18-2002 EQV-3C18-1202 EQV-5C18-1203 EQV-3C18-GD2 EQV-5C18-2046 EQV-3C18-0204 EQV-5C18-0502 EQV-5C18-0346 EQV-3C18-0302 EQV-5C18-0302 EQV-5C18-1204 EQV-3C18-0304 EQV-3C18-GD EQV-3C18-1502 EQV-3C18-0203 EQV-3C18-1046 EQV-5C18-GD EQV-3C18-1004 EQV-3C18-1246 EQV-3C18-7503 EQV-5C18-7502 EQV-5C18-2546 EQV-3C18-1204 EQV-3C18-0202 EQV-3C18-7546 EQV-3C18-7502 EQV-5C18-2503 EQV-3C18-0346 EQV-5C18-0546 EQV-3C18-0502 EQV-3C18-1203 EQV-3C18-0546 EQV-5C18-0203 EQV-5C18-1202
HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® Equivalence™ C18
Kolony chromatografické
Stainless steel Avantor® ACE® Equivalence C18 columns have been specifically developed as a high quality, cost effective replacement for many HPLC column brands.

  • Excellent efficiency and reproducibility
  • Available in 3 or 5 µm particle sizes

Maximum recommended pH: 2,0 to 8,0

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