HPLC/UHPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® UltraCore™ SuperPhenylHexyl™, 5 µm

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Avantor® ACE® UltraCore
CORE-5B-1501EA 17830 CZK
CORE-5B-1501 CORE-5B-2546U CORE-5B-0303U CORE-5B-1203U CORE-5B-7503U CORE-5B-1002U CORE-5B-3503U CORE-5B-1001S CORE-5B-2501S CORE-5B-75005S CORE-5B-12005 CORE-5B-15005S CORE-5B-1046U CORE-5B-1003U CORE-5B-12005S CORE-5B-2501 CORE-5B-0501 CORE-5B-05005 CORE-5B-05005S CORE-5B-1503U CORE-5B-25005S CORE-5B-2503U CORE-5B-0301S CORE-5B-10005 CORE-5B-1246U CORE-5B-1546U CORE-5B-25005 CORE-5B-03005 CORE-5B-15005 CORE-5B-1202U CORE-5B-2502U CORE-5B-7546U CORE-5B-0246U CORE-5B-0302U CORE-5B-1201 CORE-5B-0546U CORE-5B-3546U CORE-5B-3502U CORE-5B-0346U CORE-5B-1501S CORE-5B-0203U CORE-5B-10005S CORE-5B-7501 CORE-5B-0503U CORE-5B-1201S CORE-5B-03005S CORE-5B-0502U CORE-5B-1502U CORE-5B-75005 CORE-5B-1001 CORE-5B-7501S CORE-5B-0501S CORE-5B-7502U CORE-5B-0301 CORE-5B-0202U
HPLC/UHPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® UltraCore™ SuperPhenylHexyl™, 5 µm
Kolony chromatografické
Avantor® ACE® UltraCore™ SuperPhenylHexyl™ solid-core (core-shell) particle columns are ideal for demanding MS work offering improved MS signal intensity and maximum MS response. These stainless steel columns combine high efficiency separations with low column back pressure. The Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBT™) greatly increases the ligand coverage of the silica surface and effectively eliminates the effect of unbonded silanol groups on separations. This higher ligand coverage results in improved inertness, chromatographic performance and stability.

  • Excellent peak shape and phases stability with extended pH
  • Complementary selectivity to C18 columns
  • Highly inert, ultra-low bleed, designed for use with LC/MS compatible buffers
  • Available with 2,5 and 5 µm particle sizes and microbore to analytical dimensions

Maximum recommended pH: 1,5 to 11,0

Max. pressure: 400 bar for microbore columns, 1000 bar for analytical columns

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