Test sieves, 200×50 mm

Dodavatel: Endecotts
ENDE200BAW.180EA 4580 CZK
ENDE200BAW.180 ENDE200BAW25.0 ENDE200BAW125. ENDE200BAW63.0 ENDE200BAW53.0 ENDE200BAW19.0 ENDE200BAW.063 ENDE200BAW.212 ENDE200BAW2.36 ENDE200BAW45.0 ENDE200BAW31.5 ENDE200BAW.250 ENDE200BAW9.50 ENDE200BAW50.0 ENDE200BAW.355 ENDE200BAW26.5 ENDE200BAW.150 ENDE200BAW.500 ENDE200BAW.038 ENDE200BAW1.00 ENDE200BAW.425 ENDE200BAW6.30 ENDE200BAW.125 ENDE200BAW11.2 ENDE200BAW4.75 ENDE200BAW1.18 ENDE200BAW1.70 ENDE200BAW90.0 ENDE200BAW2.80 ENDE200BAW22.4 ENDE200BAW16.0 ENDE200BAW.075 ENDE200BAW3.35 ENDE200BAW.710 ENDE200BAW.600 ENDE200BAW.032 ENDE200BAW.025 ENDE200BAW.106 ENDE200BAW.020 ENDE200BAW106. ENDE200BAW13.2 ENDE200BAW.850 ENDE200BAW.300 ENDE200BAW2.00 ENDE200BAW.053 ENDE200BAW75.0 ENDE200BAW37.5 ENDE200BAW.090 ENDE200BAW1.40 ENDE200BAW.045
Test sieves, 200×50 mm
Síta Síta
These test sieves have a brass frame and stainless steel mesh.

Certifikace: According to ASTM E 11-95

Informace o dodávce: Each sieve is delivered with an individual quality certificate.

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