UHPLC columns, Ultra C18 (USP L1)

Dodavatel: Restek
REST917457EEA 19380 CZK
REST917457E REST9174525 REST9174565-700 REST9174365 REST9174552-700 REST9174565 REST917436B REST9174513 REST9174313 REST917435E REST9174315-700 REST9174563-700 REST9174573 REST9174335-700 REST9174533-700 REST9174365-700 REST917450222 REST9174513-700 REST9174522 REST917452E REST9174555-700 REST917435B REST917455E REST9174362-700 REST9174363-700 REST9174531 REST9174575-700 REST9174361 REST9174313-700 REST9174312-700 REST9174523-700 REST9174512-700 REST9174532-700 REST9174535 REST9174355 REST9174333 REST9174573-700 REST9174521 REST917450210 REST9174515-700 REST9174311 REST9174523 REST9174355-700 REST9174563 REST9174511 REST9174533 REST9174561 REST9174552 REST917450220 REST9174535-700 REST9174571 REST917451E REST9174512 REST9174332 REST9174514 REST9174564 REST917433E REST9174572 REST9174351 REST9174555 REST917456E REST9174572-700 REST9174562 REST9174553 REST917436E REST9174333-700 REST917453E REST9174353 REST9174315 REST917431E REST9174332-700 REST9174553-700 REST9174575 REST9174312 REST9174353-700 REST9174515 REST9174525-700 REST9174331 REST9174532 REST9174562-700 REST9174522-700 REST9174362 REST917450212 REST9174551 REST9174352 REST9174352-700 REST9174335
UHPLC columns, Ultra C18 (USP L1)
Kolony chromatografické
Ultra C18 is a general purpose reversed phase column with retentive and high-purity packing that exhibits excellent peak shape for a wide range of compounds.

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