Fast Western Blotting Kit, SuperSignal™ West Pico, Pierce™

Dodavatel: Thermo Scientific
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Fast Western Blotting Kit, SuperSignal™ West Pico, Pierce™
Činidla pro elektroforézu Blotting - činidla
The Fast Western Blot Kit, SuperSignal™ West Pico Substrate contains optimised reagents and protocol for picogram-level detection and and Western blot development less than 1 hour after gel transfer.

  • Fast - picogram levels of detection in about 1 hour
  • No expensive hardware or vacuum required; no clogging issues
  • Optimised protocol makes Western blot analysis easier
  • No expensive consumables or extra equipment required
  • Kit stable for 1 year stored at 4 °C

These Fast Western Blot Kits require minimal hands-on time and yield results comparable to classic Western blotting with SuperSigna™l West Pico Chemiluminescent Substrate.The kits contain all the reagents necessary to complete a Western blot being probed with either a mouse or rabbit primary antibody. Like other Western blotting methods, the included SuperSignal West Pico Substrate produces a signal that is detectable using photographic or other imaging methods. The developed blots can be repeatedly exposed and stripped of the primary antibody and reprobed.

Informace o dodávce: Kit includes Fast Western antibody diluent, Fast Western 10X wash buffer, Fast Western mouse/rabbit optimised HRP reagent, SuperSignal™ West Pico luminol/enhancer solution, SuperSignal™ West Pico stable peroxide solution.

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