Standards, calibration for LCK cuvettes, Addista

Dodavatel: Hach
662-2369EA 2660 CZK
662-2369 662-2362 662-2360 662-2363 662-2366 662-2365 662-2371 662-2361 662-2367 662-2368 662-2364 662-2359 662-2370 662-2358
Standards, calibration for LCK cuvettes, Addista
Standardy Standardy pro environmentální analýzu
System for Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA), consisting of one combined standard/spiking solution and two round robin test solutions.

Using the standard solution you can easily verify your analytical approach including sampling, sample preparation, pipetting and photometric analysis. The two additional solutions contain unknown concentrations of the analyte and are designed to be used for a participation in a free round-robin test.

Informace o dodávce: Each Addista kit comes with one standard solution and two solutions with an unknown concentration to be used with Hach’s LCK cuvette tests.

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