Endoproteinase Asp-N protease, MS grade, Pierce™

Dodavatel: Thermo Scientific
PIER90053EA 9130 CZK
Endoproteinase Asp-N protease, MS grade, Pierce™
Systémy pro extrakci proteinů Činidla pro extrakci bílkovin
Asp-N protease is a highly specific endoproteinase used to improve sequence coverage in mass spectrometry protein identification applications.

  • Hydrolyses proteins specifically at the amino side of aspartate and cysteic acid residues thus being complementary to tryptic digests
  • Better protein characterisation results from overlapping peptides with complementary chromatographic, ionisation and fragmentation properties thereby increasing sequence coverage
  • High specific activity of greater than 20000 units/mg protein
  • N-terminal arginine cleavage specificity of 90% for a complex protein sample
  • Stable since it's provided in a lyophilized format

Applications include improved sequence coverage of protein digests, in-solution digestion of proteins and in-gel digestion of proteins.

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