Cell factories, Nunc™ high density

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NUNC169160EA 11600 CZK
NUNC169160 NUNC169118 NUNC169102
Cell factories, Nunc™ high density
Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ High Density Cell Factory™ system offers greater surface area and yield than the standard Cell Factory™ system, or similar multi-tray systems for adherent cell culture. It offers an efficient, economic option for increasing production capacity and cell culture yield in the same footprint.

  • Certified Nunclon™∆ surface treatment ensures excellent conditions for cell attachment and growth
  • Increased yield resulting from 30% more surface area within the standard Cell Factory™ footprint
  • Increased labour and handling efficiencies by achieving more output in a single process run
  • Increase manufacturing capacity without capital investment
  • Lessen material usage and reduce decontamination and waste disposal costs

Its has additional layers. Cell factory systems are designed to optimise any process by increasing output, while maintaining the same manufacturing footprint as with the standard cell factory system.

Consume less and reduce decontamination and waste disposal costs.

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