Labels for TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ Printers

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BRDY018322EA 1930 CZK
BRDY018322 BRDY062659 BRDY018526 BRDY018348 BRDY217052 BRDY011179 BRDY018327 BRDY018366 BRDY018681 BRDY011180 BRDY018623 BRDY011177 BRDY018577 BRDY011176 BRDY018423 BRDY018617 BRDY018369 BRDY011181 BRDY018631 BRDY018692 BRDY018316 BRDY011178 BRDY018624 BRDY018519 BRDY018355 BRDY018351 BRDY018546 BRDY018448 BRDY018693 BRDY018680 BRDY018620 BRDY018682 BRDY062350 BRDY018626 BRDY018443 BRDY018505 BRDY018625 BRDY018544
Labels for TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ Printers
Permanent acrylic labels.

  • Continuous tape is not cut to length, it is cut by the printer
  • Supplied with the ribbon seperate, not in the same enclosure as the tape/sleeves

Labels for the TLS2200® and TLS PC Link™ thermal transfer portable printers. TLS2200® parts can also be printed on the BMP™71 Label printer, provided the roll adapter (M71-ADAPT) is used.

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