Gate valve lockouts, standard

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BRDY065560EA 554 CZK
BRWW65562 BRDY065560 BRDY065594 BRDY065587 BRDY065589 BRDY065588 BRDY65563 BRDY196212 BRDY196215 BRDY065599 BRDY065596 BRDY145582 BRDY196214 BRDY065593 BRDY065561 BRDY145585 BRDY065591 BRDY065562 BRDY196216 BRDY065563 BRDY065592 BRDY145583 BRDY065586 BRDY065598 BRDY145581 BRDY065590 BRDY196213 BRDY065597 BRDY065564 BRDY065595 BRDY145584 BRDY065585
Gate valve lockouts, standard
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These gate valve lockouts accept locks with shackles up to 9,53 mm diameter.

  • Made of robust PP
  • With unique knockout centre that accommodates OS & Y or 'rising stem' valves
  • Resistant to temperature changes from −30 to 150 °C
  • Available in 5 sizes and 4 colours

Maximum shackle diameter: 9,53 mm

Min. shackle clearance: 19,00 mm

Informace pro objednávání: Sets include the complete size range of gate valve lockouts (in different colours) to fit gate valves from 25 to 330 mm.

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