Embedding system, Technovit® 7100

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Embedding system, Technovit® 7100
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Technovit 7100 is a plastic embedding system based on HEMA (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate). The hydrophillic resin is used in medicine, botany, zoology and in the industry for embedding tissues for light microscope studies. The sections can be used for histological staining and enzyme detection.

  • Reproducibility and reliability of the embedding due to the constant, documented quality controls of the individual components
  • Low polymerisation temperature due to Teflon embedding forms
  • Equal hardening of the block, thus uniform and thinnest possible sections
  • In addition to routine staining, enzyme detection is also possible
  • Less toxic due to catalyst made of barbituric acid
  • Decalcification not necessary for haematological illiac crest biopsies

Technovit 7100 transparently polymerises. Uniform thin sections can be made out of the blocks with the rotation microtome. It is not necessary and also not possible to elute the plastic out of the block and the section.

Areas of applications for embeddings and sections include plastics, foils, paper, textiles, biological products and mounts and wires.

Informace o dodávce: Contains a basic solution (500 ml), hardner 1 (5×1 g) and hardner 2 (1×40 ml).

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