Enhanced green fluorescent protein (from E. coli)

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Enhanced green fluorescent protein (from E. coli)
Enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) ideal for subcellular labelling and visualisation.

  • ≥97% pure
  • Lyophilised, freeze dried protein
  • <0,1 ng/μg endotoxin level

The recombinant EGFP is expressed and purified from transformed E. coli using a method that ensures high purity and maximal GFP fluorescence. Endotoxin has been removed, so the protein is suitable for in vivo injection or cell culture applications. The recombinant EGFP is a 32,7 kDa monomer with 293 amino acids tagged with 6XHis on both N- and C-terminus. Therefore, the EGFP can be detected by both His-tag antibody and GFP antibody on Western Blot analysis. The excitation and emission spectra for the recombinant EGFP is identical to GFP purified from Aequorea Victoria, with Ex/Em = 488/507 nm (ε489 nm = 55,000 M⁻¹ Cm⁻¹; ε280 nm = 21980 M⁻¹ Cm⁻¹).

The protein is suitable as control reagent for GFP expression studies. Used as standard for SDS-PAGE, Western blot analysis, calibration of fluorometers, flow cytometers, and fluorescence microscope, as well as microinjection of EGFP into cells and tissues, etc. The recombinant EGFP can also be conjugated to other proteins.

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