ESD safety ankle boots, lace-up, uvex 2, vibram®, 6523

Dodavatel: Uvex

uvex 2 vibram® uvex 2
UVEX6523.3/48EA 3830 CZK
UVEX6523.3/48 UVEX6523.3/49 UVEX6523.3/46 UVEX6523.3/47 UVEX6523.3/44 114-8079 UVEX6523.3/45 114-8078 UVEX6523.3/42 114-8077 UVEX6523.3/43 UVEX6523.3/40 UVEX6523.4/52 UVEX6523.3/41 UVEX6523.4/50 UVEX6523.4/51 UVEX6523.3/39 UVEX6523.4/49 UVEX6523.3/37 UVEX6523.3/38 UVEX6523.4/47 UVEX6523.3/35 UVEX6523.3/36 UVEX6523.4/48 UVEX6523.4/45 UVEX6523.1/52 UVEX6523.4/46 UVEX6523.1/51 UVEX6523.4/43 UVEX6523.4/44 UVEX6523.4/41 UVEX6523.4/42 UVEX6523.1/50 UVEX6523.4/40 UVEX6523.1/49 UVEX6523.1/48 UVEX6523.1/45 UVEX6523.4/38 UVEX6523.4/39 UVEX6523.1/44 UVEX6523.1/47 UVEX6523.4/36 UVEX6523.1/46 UVEX6523.4/37 UVEX6523.1/41 UVEX6523.4/35 UVEX6523.1/40 UVEX6523.1/43 UVEX6523.1/42 114-8093 114-8092 114-8091 114-8090 114-8094 UVEX6523.1/38 UVEX6523.1/37 UVEX6523.1/39 UVEX6523.1/36 UVEX6523.1/35 114-8089 114-8088 114-8087 UVEX6523.3/51 UVEX6523.3/52 UVEX6523.3/50 114-8082 114-8081 114-8080 114-8086 114-8085 114-8084 114-8083
ESD safety ankle boots, lace-up, uvex 2, vibram®, 6523
Metal-free, lightweight, flexible, robust safety shoe made from breathable, water repellent leather, soft padded tongue and collar, plus a dual-density, slip-resistant Vibram® rubber sole, resistant to chemicals, oils and gasoline.

  • Climazone technology for improved comfort
  • Breathable distance mesh lining
  • Removable anti-static comfort insole with moisture control system; orthopaedic insoles possible
  • Virtually seam-free construction eliminates pressure points
  • Lightweight two-layer sole with excellent shock absorption and outstanding slip resistance
  • 100% metal-free xenova® toecap, non magnetic (200 J)
  • Injection-moulded PU scuff cap for additional protection
  • Flexible, metal-free, puncture resistant midsole
  • Fulfils ESD requirements: Resistance to ground inferior to 35 megaohms

For medium industrial applications including chemical, transport, logistics, energy and mechanical engineering industries.

Colour: Black/orange

Certifikace: EN 61340 (ESD); DGUV112-191; EN ISO 20345:2011; S3, HI, HRO, SRC

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