Liquid handling workstation for nucleic acid purification, NIMBUS® 96

Dodavatel: Hamilton
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Liquid handling workstation for nucleic acid purification, NIMBUS® 96
Atomatizované systémy k purifikaci nukleových kyselin
The NIMBUS® 96 workstation is a compact, automated liquid handler specifically configured for utilising Omega Bio-tek's Mag-Bind® chemistry for nucleic acid purification. The system offers speed, flexibility, ease of use, and superior pipetting performance at an affordable price. It incorporates pre-defined methods for processing a wide variety of sample types and is backed by Omega Bio-tek's and Hamilton's renowned service and applications support.

  • Utilises proven air displacement pipetting, similar to high precision handheld electronic pipettors
  • Compressed O-ring expansion (CO-RE) technology attaches disposable tips using a highly robust lock-and-key style mechanism
  • Capacitative LLD (c-LLD) can determine liquid levels in plates and reservoirs located on the pipetting deck
  • Integrated heater shaker and 96-channel head for faster processing
  • Pre-defined protocols for DNA and RNA purification from various sample types, including buccal swabs, whole blood, stool, plant leaf and stool
  • DNA and RNA can be purified with minimal hands-on requirements and can easily be adapted for full or partial plate processing

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