Components for LOTO shadow board

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BRDY196206EA 2470 CZK
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Components for LOTO shadow board
Zámky bezpečnostní
Different items for displaying important documents, for example as part of a LOTO shadow board.

Wall display rails: Instant change of notice, literature, posters etc. Users can show all document formats with a simple gesture of the hand, without damaging them. Very rigid plastic rail-shaped, light grey, with internal device lock-unlock documents by mobile rollers. Wall mounting to any vertical surface. Fasteners and adhesives provided. Several lengths can be put in "continuous". Various rail lengths available.

Wall document holder: Display on the wall or any other support your brochure, binders, etc. Transparent to increase the visibility of the document and its title. Available in various formats.

Magnetic frames: Twin coloured magnetic frames for displaying all types of safety and warning information, single coloured frames for displaying literature, notices and information. Simply adheres to all magnetic surfaces and allows for quick insertion and replacement of documents. Can be used in either A4 portrait or landscape format.

Magnetic metallic adhesive tape: Enables users to attach magnetic accessories on any surface.

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