Oxid olovnatý ≥99.9995% (metals basis), Puratronic®

Dodavatel: Thermo Scientific

10728.22EA 12980 CZK
10728.22 10728.14
Oxid olovnatý ≥99.9995% (metals basis), Puratronic®
Oxid olovnatý

It is used in the manufacture of glass, ceramics and computer components.

Addition of lead oxide increases the refractive index, electrical resistivity, Curie temperature, and the ability of the glass to absorb X-rays. It is also added to decrease the viscosity of glass. It is employed in the vulcanization of rubber, lead acid batteries, and in the production of certain pigments and paints. In cathode ray tube glass lead oxide is used to block X-ray emission. It acts as an efficient reagent in oxidation reactions as well as condensation reactions of hydroxy ketones with diamines to form quinoxaline derivatives with high yield.

Vzorec: PbO
MW: 223,2 g/mol
Bod varu: 1470 °C (1013 hPa)
Bod tání: 886 °C
Hustota: 9,53
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00011164
CAS číslo: 1317-36-8
EINECS: 215-267-0
UN: 3077
Merck Index: 13,05431


Výsledky specifikačního testu

Total Metal Impurities 0,0005% max.

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