Chlorid amonný, BAKER, J.T.Baker®

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0019.9025BBEA 0 CZK
0019.9025BB 0019.1000 0019.9050
Chlorid amonný, BAKER, J.T.Baker®
Chlorid amonný
Vzorec: NH₄Cl
MW: 53,49 g/mol
Bod tání: 335 °C
Hustota: 1,5256 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00011420
CAS číslo: 12125-02-9
EINECS: 235-186-4
Merck Index: 13,00510


Výsledky specifikačního testu

Meets Reagent Specifications for testing Ph. Eur. monographs.
Assay (dry basis) 99.5 - 100.5 %
Acidity or Alkalinity passes test
Appearance of solution passes test
Bromides and Iodides passes test
Calcium (Ca) max. 200 ppm
Iron (Fe) max. 20 ppm
Heavy Metals (as Pb) max. 10 ppm
Identification passes test
Loss on Drying max. 0.5 %
Sulfated Ash max. 0.1 %
Sulfates (as SO4) max. 150 ppm
Additional Specification(s):
Limit of thiocyanate (SCN) passes test
pH of 5% Solution at 25°C 4.6 - 6.0

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