Depth filter capsules, Supracap™ 50

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Depth filter capsules, Supracap™ 50
Filtry Kapsle membránové filtrační
Scalable capsules with PP housing and vent and Seitz® high performance depth filter media. Supracap™ 50 capsules are designed for developing and optimising a process during scale-up and scale-down studies. They can be used to quickly and accurately determine which series and grade of depth filter media will provide the best performance as well as the necessary filtration area required to meet process volume.

  • Autoclavable at 125 °C
  • Low hold-up volume
  • Batch tested in order to meet all quality requirements

Supracap™ 50 capsules are readily scalable to Pall Supracap™ 100 capsules, Supradisc™ I, and Supradisc II depth filter modules.

Fields of application: Cell harvesting, clarification of fermentation broth, antibiotics, serum, blood products, vaccines, plant extracts.

The Seitz® Bio 20 media grade is made of highly purified natural and modified celluloses and is free from inorganic materials. Seitz® Bio 20 media is ideal for ion sensitive products such as therapeutic proteins, dialysis solutions, and protein-based diagnostics.

Seitz® P-series media are comprised of cellulose fibers, filter aids (diatomaceous earth and perlite), and resins. This grade is recommended for coarse filtration in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

Seitz® HP-series media are feature two distinct layers of Seitz® P-series depth filter sheets that feature a more permeable layer followed by a less permeable layer (PDD1, PDE2, PDH4 and PDK5). Seitz® HP-series media performs exceptionally well in low viability, high solids-containing applications, and with wider distribution of particle sizes in biotech applications.
The Seitz® AKS7 media grade is made of activated carbon within a matrix of cellulosic fibers. This immobilized carbon media is then coupled with a downstream filter paper to prevent carbon particle shedding downstream of the filter. The Seitz® AKS7 media grade is recommended for decolorisation and removal of other trace impurities.

Certifikace: Manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9000. All plastic components used in construction meet the specifications for Biological Reactivity Tests in vivo for Class VI Plastics (121 °C) as described in the current United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

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