D-(-)-Luciferin potassium salt ≥99.5% endotoxin-free


OZBILK10000EA 13940 CZK
D-(-)-Luciferin potassium salt ≥99.5% endotoxin-free
D-(-)-Luciferin potassium salt

OZ Biosciences D-Luciferin K+ and Na+ salts are routinely used as Firefly’s Luciferase substrate in in vitro and in vivo bioluminescent assays. The quality and purity of the D-Luciferin are essential to obtain good and reproducible results. OZ Biosciences is offering high quality of Endotoxin-Free D-Luciferin K+ and Na+ salts.
Store at -20°C and protect from light

  • High purity > 99.5%
  • Good solubility and great sensitivity
  • Reliable in vivo reporter for bioluminescent assays
  • Endotoxin free (ideal for in vivo application)

Suitable for bioluminescent assays, whole animal imaging, ATP assays, immunoassays, pyrosequencing, luciferase fragment complementation for sequential gene analysis experiments.

Vzorec: C₁₁H₇KN₂O₃S₂
MW: 318,41 g/mol
MDL Number: MFCD00044928
CAS číslo: 115144-35-9


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